BLOODSTRIKE! BRIGADE! Blood Brothers begins!

Bloodstrike Covers

I’ve been prepping the return of several of my Extreme comic book titles over the last year and the launch titles, Brigade and Bloodstrike,  are both premiering this summer. These books have long been connected as they are each led by rival siblings, Cabbot and John Stone. The agendas for both men have evolved over the years but as always they are on opposing sides of the conflict and the stakes have never been higher. The children of the 90’s have grown up and I’m not talking of the characters but of you the consumers and fans. As I travel the country and am greeted with the enthusiasm and energy you have for the early Image era, I am thrilled to continue the adventures of these characters that shaped your youth! Bloodstrike officially launches in July from Image Comics and Brigade premieres later that month with a FREE first issue thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Over the past several years I’ve seen homages of many of my most recognizable covers so I felt it was high time to re-visit those covers myself. More information and sneak peeks coming in this space soon….





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