The Battle For The Ark Begins in June by Liefeld and Horak

THE COVENANT is coming this June from Image comics. Created and written by Rob Liefeld and illustrated by Matt Horak, The Covenant is a sword and sorcery tale set against a backdrop of Biblical times during a period of unrest in the lands of Canaan. The Philistine army fears no other but is wary of an artifact known as The Ark of The Covenant, an artifact that when “weaponized” has laid waste to entire cities and enemies of the Israelites. Amidst the chaos of battle, a Philistine General boldly steals the Ark and delivers it to the Philistine capitol and the care of the High Priest who seeks to harness the power of the Ark for their serpent god, Dagon.

A young priest, Samuel, assumes the mantle of Judge and gathers a rag tag band of soldiers and mercenaries to pull off the most deadly raid imaginable and steal back the Ark that was stolen from them. A heist of biblical proportions ensues as Samuel and his men brave fearsome giants, assassins, the armed might of the Philistine army and the sorcery of the High Priest of Dagon in order to rescue the birthright of the chosen people.

Here is a preview of THE COVENANT #1 from Rob Liefeld and Matt Horak.







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