Liefeld New Mutants Designs

Way back in the late 80’s I was fortunate enough to receive the New Mutants title as a regular monthly assignment. The sales on the book found it lagging behind the other, better selling X-titles. The editor, Bob Harras, wanted a new look for the kids and asked me to send in some new costume designs. I chose a specific design that was part uniform, part jumpsuit. Each kid had a designated color to set them apart.

This design for Sunspot was a step in another direction, but ultimately wasn’t as appealing. Not sure if it’s ever seen the light of day.

There were several new characters that I submitted as new members, friends of the characters and outright villains. These are 2 characters that were approved but I withdrew them in favor of other characters. Tag became a member of BLOODSTRIKE my zombie soldier title from Image and Soil became a villain in Youngblood vol. 2 issue #1

Finally, here is a character that did make the cut and has achieved plenty of success on her own as a featured player in the X-Universe. Domino debuted in the same issue of New Mutants as another of my creations did, Deadpool. New Mutants #98 turned out to be quite a game changer, all things considered. I view my time on New Mutants/X-Force as my favorite period in the comics business. I was young, enthusiastic, given free reign and best of all, not yet aware of all the jaded, bitterness that permeates the business. Without New Mutnats I would have had a significantly different path. I have always been and remain grateful to Bob Harras for letting this “bucking bronco” run free.

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