Spring 08

Hey everyone, as I write this spring is upon us and 2008 seems to be flying by. I have never been as busy as I’ve been these last few months. With what you ask? Well that’s what I’m here to share with you and show you some pages from the various projects I’ve been working on.

Over at Marvel, I’m working on a new series featuring a childhood favorite of mine, Killraven. Many folks I’ve talked to have no idea who Killraven was, is or will be, so the good news for writer Robert Kirkman and myself is that we’ll be introducing a new generation of readers to Killraven. The story takes place 100 years in Marvel’s future and Killraven is a warrior-slave who frees himself from the bonds of alien oppression and rallies support to battle the alien horde. Here are some pages of Killraven in action. Along the way he will meet familiar faces and relics of Marvels past as he assembles a freedom force to save the world.

Speaking of assembling, for the past 8 years I’ve been drawing pages for a personal project that is epic in its scope, because it involves every single character I ever created from my Extreme Universe that started with the launch of Youngblood #1. The book is called The Assembled and is told in the present, flashbacks, and flash forwards. The Extreme Universe is now ruled by an army of Supreme’s headed by the Supreme that returned in Supreme #1 in 1992. He has taken control of the Supremacy and imposed his rule on the world. Heroes have scattered and formed rebel factions in order to break Supreme’s rule. You will see how it all originally went down and how the alliances are formed as well as glimpse the struggle that the heroes now face as the Supremacy tightens their grip. The story actually began in the pages of the Suprema one-shot two years ago. I’ve imagined this story many times and now it’s coming to fruition.

The Assembled preview pages featured here depict Supreme being challenged by Nite (formerly Prof. Nite) Brick ( from Doom’s 4) and Shaft.

And finally I’ve been working on an incredible graphic novel based on powerful Biblical prophecies that portend the End of Days on planet Earth, called Armageddon Now World War 3. Check it out at our amazing site We will be previewing the project at the upcoming New York Comic Con.

So that should catch you up on the latest projects I’ve been working on.


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