LIEFELD SLATE Interview! Un-edited, Unfiltered.

There is a nice article covering Glory, Prophet and all things Extreme that went up on SLATE.COM this morning. It is however very abbreviated when considering the length and depth of our interview. I have not submitted to phone interviews for the last decade because I find that much gets lost in the translation. I only participate in interviews where I have a transcript. With that in mind, I have printed the entire, un-edited Q &A below. I … [Read more...]

THE GODYSSEY! What is it?


The Godyssey is one of the many projects I've been working on the past few months. It was announced as a film in development with Uber-producer Todd Garner and his Broken Road productions with Sean Robins and my manager Brooklyn Weaver joining as producers. But I'm getting ahead of myself, first some background... Earlier this year while I was directing the creative fortunes of four DC titles, I had pitched an Expendables style project that … [Read more...]

EXTREME WAR! Glory #33 Preview!


One of my favorite books that I have ever had the good fortune of publishing is the current GLORY run by Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell. The stories are imaginative, twisted and the stakes are high, the art is eye-poppingly gorgeous. Here is a sneak peek at issue #33 as the Glory saga reaches its penultimate chapter. Ross went all sorts of detail crazy on these pages as witnessed by this impressive two page spread. Can you name all the Extreme … [Read more...]



The past few years, every single statue manufacturer from Bowen to Sideshow and Kotobuyika have bid on the rights to produce high end collectible DEADPOOL statues. The result has been a virtual treasure trove of dynamic new Deadpool sculptures. From busts to articulated, full figure statues, Deadpool sculpts now appear with great regularity. The craft and sculpting detail in these statues is nothing short of phenomenal. For those of you who are … [Read more...]



The anticipation for the Deadpool video game continues to grow and the studio behind the game, High Moon Studios released more screen shots to further fuel the fire! The Deadpool game is the gift that keeps on giving for fans new and old! These new shots show him in action, swordplay, enjoying pizza and posing as only he can! I'm thrilled that more of my creations, Cable and Domino are also featured in this game that is sure to breakout when its … [Read more...]

CHOSEN! Sci-Fi Moses. 10 Commandments in Space!


For the past several years I've been busy completing a passion project of mine called "CHOSEN",  a science-fiction interpretation of the Exodus, the story of Moses. The stories of Moses and David are two of my favorite stories of all time. Both tales tell the story of men who were in over their heads as they battle against forces far greater than they could possibly imagine. I've altered the story of Moses into the story of Kaynan, an adopted … [Read more...]

DEADPOOL Video Game News! CABLE!!!


Over the last decade I've been very fortunate to watch two of my creations, Cable and Deadpool, explode in popularity, nearly matching the original excitement that surrounded them in their debut in the early 90's. Very Exciting news leaked today in the form of two advance screen shots of the upcoming Deadpool video game! This first one features Deadpool in action, a hint of much more to come I'm sure. These shots are from Xbox Online … [Read more...]

Wolverine, The Future Avengers and Killraven!


Here are some additional pages from the aborted Killraven project that Robert Kirkman and I produced for Marvel several years back. For the sake of the calendar it should be noted I produced the art for this series in between Onslaught Reborn and Deadpool Corp.  Figured you'd enjoy another look at this project that featured futuristic versions of Wolverine and the Future Avengers. … [Read more...]



Earlier today shared some penciled pages from an unpublished New Mutants/X-Factor inventory story I had done with Howard Mackie back in 1988-89. Here are some of the inked pages from that issue. Much of the focus was on Warlock, whom I loved and had an absolute blast playing with. I invoked all sorts of influences, some Roger Rabbit gestures on earlier pages and her I applied a Robert Crumb "Keep on truckin'' vibe from the famous illustration … [Read more...]