CHOSEN! Sci-Fi Moses. 10 Commandments in Space!

For the past several years I’ve been busy completing a passion project of mine called “CHOSEN”,  a science-fiction interpretation of the Exodus, the story of Moses. The stories of Moses and David are two of my favorite stories of all time.

Both tales tell the story of men who were in over their heads as they battle against forces far greater than they could possibly imagine. I’ve altered the story of Moses into the story of Kaynan, an adopted son of the Empire who reigns over an enslaved race called the Midian’s. An assasination attempt on his life, reveals to him that he is the true son of Midian slaves. Kayan is the fulfillment of a powerful prophecy, destined to destroy the Empire that has invaded their tribal grounds and continues to oppress his people. I’ve written several scripts for CHOSEN and will be releasing it later this year. Here is a sneak peek featuring the Imperial races as well as Kaynan’s escape into the Rune Sea. Art by Liefeld, Mychaels and Capprotti.

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