The past few years, every single statue manufacturer from Bowen to Sideshow and Kotobuyika have bid on the rights to produce high end collectible DEADPOOL statues. The result has been a virtual treasure trove of dynamic new Deadpool sculptures. From busts to articulated, full figure statues, Deadpool sculpts now appear with great regularity. The craft and sculpting detail in these statues is nothing short of phenomenal. For those of you who are not able to obtain these amazing sculptures, I’ve loaded the most recent statues for your perusal.

This statue from Bowen is the latest to hit the market. This looks the most Liefeld-esque of the bunch, the leaning, lifted leg, the long extended leg and the short torso, as well as the head and face proportions resemble my work more than any of the previous statues. I love the pose and the detail as well as the curved mount that he is positioned on.

Another angle, detail on the latest Deadpool statue. Again, love the more serious, action pose and mood.

This Deadpool statue from years back, 2006 I believe,  is based on one of my covers from Cable/Deadpool. I’ve never confirmed it but you can decide for yourself as I present my cover below. Again, very Liefeld proportions, long legs, thick thighs, short torso.

You decide? Sure looks the same to me.

This statue is a particular favorite of mine and looks like Ed McGuiness drew it. Ed started his career on Deadpool and has remained a fan-favorite on the character for the past twenty years. The figure is thicker, chunkier, beefier than most Deadpool portrayals, reflecting the stout dimensions of Ed’s work.

Here is a group shot of recent figures and statues. This does not include a few new statues that I have yet to obtain. As soon as i get them I’ll share them here.

This Deadpool bust was on of the first sculpts of Deadpool to hit the market in the early 2000’s. Its a more cartoonier depiction of Deadpool. Not my favorite but I appreciate it for what it is. it comes with an interchangeable unmasked head.

I was able to introduce a female Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, as part of the Deadpool Corps. roll out years back. I would love to see more of her in the comics as I believe her potential is limitless. But that’s Marvel’s call, not mine. I love this bust!

And we close this out with one last shot of the newest and most dynamic statue to date. As I mentioned above, there are a few new statues I have yet to receive but I should be getting them any day now and will post as soon as I get them!

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