Earlier today shared some penciled pages from an unpublished New Mutants/X-Factor inventory story I had done with Howard Mackie back in 1988-89. Here are some of the inked pages from that issue. Much of the focus was on Warlock, whom I loved and had an absolute blast playing with. I invoked all sorts of influences, some Roger Rabbit gestures on earlier pages and her I applied a Robert Crumb “Keep on truckin” vibe from the famous illustration that was plastered everywhere in my youth.

I’ve always enjoyed team dynamics which is why I often worked on so many team books. I love drawing many figures, big and small and composing them together. These pages really bring me back to my youth, twenty years old and working my ass off to impress the Marvel Editorial. Great memories.

This page here really conveys the overwhelming influence that Art Adams had on my entire look and style at that time. Art has influenced four generations of artists with his unique and dynamic style. He remains a huge favorite of mine. Arthur has influenced such notables as Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Erik Larsen, J. Scott Campbell, Joe Mad, and most recently Nick Bradshaw. More pages soon!

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