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Eve and the Garden of Eden! Strange Bible Stories and Rob Liefeld

  I have several Bible themed projects coming out in 2015. Eve and The Garden of Eden chronicles the time and adventures that Eve experienced with Adam in their time in Paradise. Even the most conservative estimates put Adam and Eve in the Garden at least 100 years, we don’t really believe they were laying […]


The Battle For The Ark Begins in June by Liefeld and Horak

THE COVENANT is coming this June from Image comics. Created and written by Rob Liefeld and illustrated by Matt Horak, The Covenant is a sword and sorcery tale set against a backdrop of Biblical times during a period of unrest in the lands of Canaan. The Philistine army fears no other but is wary of […]

Bloodstrike Covers

BLOODSTRIKE! BRIGADE! Blood Brothers begins!

I’ve been prepping the return of several of my Extreme comic book titles over the last year and the launch titles, Brigade and Bloodstrike,  are both premiering this summer. These books have long been connected as they are each led by rival siblings, Cabbot and John Stone. The agendas for both men have evolved over […]


New Projects 2015 Preview – JUDGES: THE COVENANT

I have a number of exciting new comic book projects launching in 2015. One that I am most excited about is a “Sword and Sandals” series with a Biblical twist that chronicles a daring raid to retrieve The Ark of the Covenant. Long before it was “Raided” and “Lost” with Indiana Jones, the Ark of […]