SDCC Liefeld Super League Pack!



Rob Liefeld is signing Thursday-Sunday, July 25-28 at San Diego Comic! The SDCC V.I.P Pack includes 5 signed comics, Deadpool Wolverine #1 Liefeld Variant. Deadpool (2024) #1-3 Liefeld Variants and an exclusive Deadpool #1 Deadpool New Mutants #98 facsimile Variant! The V.I.P. Pack includes first group signing status as well as 1 photo op! You will show your receipt of purchase at the booth and we will match you to our list.  Individually this package is worth a value of $340.00. What a deal! One V.I.P. Pack purchase applies to one individual signing opportunity. A CGC rep will be present and CGC opportunities will be available on site but are not included in this package. 

This special EARLY BIRD pricing runs through July 15th!

The location of the signing inside the hall will be determined and announced prior to the show! 

SDCC Liefeld Super Pack – $220.00