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  • Photo of Holiday Head Sketch Box

    Holiday Head Sketch Box


    Holiday Head Sketch Box Because you demanded it! Rob Liefeld will draw a head sketch featuring the characters of your choice on one of our sketch covers or a standard backing board. There are 20 slots open. Pen & ink, head, and shoulders. Guaranteed shipping by Dec. 15th! Once the selection is made you may…

  • Cover shots of 2020 Signed Holiday Pack

    2020 Signed Holiday Pack!


    2020 SIGNED HOLIDAY PACK! Just in time for the Holiday season, the perfect gift for the comic book enthusiast! 10 Comic Books signed by acclaimed comic book creator Rob Liefeld! 4 Signed Exclusive Deadpool #1’s 5 Signed Snake Eyes Exclusive variant comic books 1 Signed Cable Exclusive comic! Shipping out immediately! Order early and often,…