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  • Cover art for vintage brigade variant pack

    Brigade #1 Vintage Variant pack!


    Brigade #1 Vintage Variants featuring the Re-colored, Re-mastered Rob LIEFELD Cover to Brigade #1. The remastered pack comes with a sketch, line art variant, a colored Virgin variant and a colored variant with logo. All 3 Vintage Variants are signed by Brigade creator Rob Liefeld.  Brigade #1 Vintage Variant Pack – 100.00

  • PROPHET #1 Signed Virgin Variant Pack!


    PROPHET #1 Remastered Edition is coming to stores on July 20, but these Virgin Variants are only available exclusively through this site and this offer! Quantities are limited and as such these covers are only sold together as a set! Jim Lee! Dave Finch! Rob Liefeld! Stephen Platt! All signed by Prophet creator Rob Liefeld! …

  • six covers for new Prophet # 1 Bundle



    In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Image Comics and PROPHET, we are offering this staggering deal of all 6 PROPHET #1 Variants by Frank Miller, Greg Capullo, Sam Kieth, both Rob Liefeld covers, and the blank sketch cover each individually signed by Prophet Creator Rob Liefeld! Yes, 6 comic books total! This limited-time offer…

  • all six xforce 6 packs

    XF Six-Pack!


    All 6 of the connecting variant covers for X-Force: Killshot #1 signed by Deadpool, Cable, X-Force creator Rob Liefeld! Limited quantities!  XF Six-Pack! – $149.00

  • artwork of 4 covers for Deadpool nerdy pack by Rob Liefeld

    DEADPOOL NERDY 30 4-Pack!


    DEADPOOL NERDY 30 4-Pack! 4 of the finest Deadpool 30th Anniversary variant covers signed by Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld. Hulk! Iron Man! Rocket Raccoon! Groot! Miles Morales! This exclusive deal, limited to 25 packs, represents a savings of over $60.00 DP 30 4-Pack – $140.00

  • Cover shots of 2020 Signed Holiday Pack

    2020 Signed Holiday Pack!


    2020 SIGNED HOLIDAY PACK! Just in time for the Holiday season, the perfect gift for the comic book enthusiast! 10 Comic Books signed by acclaimed comic book creator Rob Liefeld! 4 Signed Exclusive Deadpool #1’s 5 Signed Snake Eyes Exclusive variant comic books 1 Signed Cable Exclusive comic! Shipping out immediately! Order early and often,…

  • Cover shots of Snake Eyes #2 Super Pack!

    Snake Eyes #2 3-Pack!


    Snake Eyes #2 3-Pack! Snake Eyes #2 3-Pack! Your only opportunity to get All 3 Snake Eyes #2 exclusive variants! The Olympia cover and the New Mutants #88 homage are only available through this package! Snake Eyes #2 features all sorts of 1st appearance and key moments, this book is already in short order and…

  • New limited Major X Super Pack! Inbox x

    New limited Major X Super Pack!


    Limited Edition MAJOR X Super Pack ( Issues #1 & #2 plus exclusive variants! ) Major X is the hottest book of 2019 and showing no signs of slowing down as Major X #2 already sold out before it goes on sale! This limited edition Super Pack features: Major X #1, 1st print edition Two…

  • Major X #1 Exclusive Liefeld cover pack!

    Major X #1 Exclusive Liefeld cover pack!


    Major X #1 Exclusive Liefeld cover pack! Rob Liefeld is back with the X-Men with an all-new character that arrives in the pages of Major X #1 this April! To celebrate this momentous occasion we are offering 3 EXCLUSIVE COVERS, 2 exclusive variants created by Rob Liefeld. They are only available as a pack. Major…




    1st Appearance of Major X – DEADPOOL/MAJOR X VARIANT 2 Pack! MAJOR X!! Arriving ahead of his April 3rd publication date,  Major X  is featured prominently in his first published appearance March 6, 2019. Major X is featured on 2 exclusive Deadpool #10 variants by Deadpool and Major X creator Rob Liefeld. These are our…

  • Deadpool vs Black Panther Signed Triple Pack!


    Deadpool vs. Black Panther Signed Triple Pack! $109.99

  • Domino #1 illustration - Cover for Rob Liefeld Exclusive



    DOMINO #1 X-FORCE SIGNATURE PACK This exclusive Domino  #1 X-Force Signature Pack includes three #1 comics, the Domino #1, Cable #1 and Despicable Deadpool #1 Liefeld exclusive variants. As with all our exclusives, this cover is not available anywhere else. In signed and unsigned allotments. NOTE: This book will ship in April 2018. Looking for…

  • Youngblood Walking Dead Signed Combo Pack


    Youngblood Walking Dead Variant Store Exclusive Signed Combo Pack  Rob Liefeld re-creates the iconic cover to Walking Dead #1 for Walking Dead month! This store exclusive featuring Shaft in color against a black & white background is available exclusively through our site in signed and un-signed editions! Youngblood Walking Dead Variant Store Exclusive – all…

  • Desipicable Deadpool Venticular

    The Despicable Deadpool Lenticular Signed Variant Pack!


    The Despicable Deadpool Lenticular Variant Pack! Both Liefeld variants plus the Lenticular Variant! Signed variant pack available for $99.99 Unsigned variant pack available for $79.99


    Signed Cable & The New Mutants #150 3-Pack!


    Signed Cable & The New Mutants #150 3-Pack! Extremely limited assortment of ALL 3 exclusive Liefeld covers for Cable and the New Mutants in one bundle! Available in Signed and unsigned packages. Offered for a limited time only! Best value! Signed Cable 3-Pack – 79.99 Purchase the standard version here. Pre-order your copy now. Books…