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  • Rare 1/100 X-Force Variant



    The Ultra-Rare 1 in 100 X-Force:Killshot Variant Signed by X-Force, Cable & Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld! Limited quantities! We offer this rare item with a signed COA or a CGC option with witnessing and handling by our CGC witness and facilitator, Key Collectibles. XF Signed 1/100 – $180.00 XF With COA option – (add $20)…

  • all six xforce 6 packs

    XF Six-Pack!


    All 6 of the connecting variant covers for X-Force: Killshot #1 signed by Deadpool, Cable, X-Force creator Rob Liefeld! Limited quantities!  XF Six-Pack! – $149.00


    Signed Cable & The New Mutants #150 3-Pack!


    Signed Cable & The New Mutants #150 3-Pack! Extremely limited assortment of ALL 3 exclusive Liefeld covers for Cable and the New Mutants in one bundle! Available in Signed and unsigned packages. Offered for a limited time only! Best value! Signed Cable 3-Pack – 79.99 Purchase the standard version here. Pre-order your copy now. Books…

  • Despicable Deadpool Fun Pack!


    BOTH Despicable Deadpool Exclusive Liefeld Variants, extremely limited availability! Standard editions  – $59.99 Click here to purchase with Exclusive COA’s, 2 Certificate of Authenticity included – $125.00 Purchase the signed version here. Pre-order your copy now. Books will start shipping October 18, 2017. Available exclusively through ! Not available anywhere else