The Best of 2012


THE BEST OF 2012 So many great comic books this year, 2012 felt like the beginning of a new standard for the art form. Image Comics celebrated its 20th Anniversary with several striking new books from a diverse talent pool. New books from established industry giants such as Grant Morrison and Ed Brubaker were joined by fresh new voices in Brandon Graham and Joe Keatinge. Together they combined to give us Happy, Fatale, Prophet, Multiple … [Read more...]



So back in the summer of 2006 I had a Kamandi pitch that I had shared with several folks in the industry. I should make it crystal clear, make no bones about it, Jack Kirby's Kamandi is one of my all time favorite comic book series ever.  I had shared my pitch with Jeph Loeb who had shared it with Joe Quesada who had responded enthusiastically to the concept. As fate would find it that summer,  I found myself seated across from Joe, Jeph and … [Read more...]



I'm not going to waste a whole lot of words on this post. A wiser man than me once stated that " A picture tells a thousand words and to let the picture do the talking".  So that's what I'm going to do here. This  page by the immensely talented Ross Campbell is from GLORY #32. It is astounding and depicts just about the entire Extreme Corp. of heroes. Enjoy! If you are not currently reading this outstanding series written by Joe Keatinge … [Read more...]

Deadpool/X-Force MIA – Liefeld/Swierczynski


About 2 years back I was drawing a Deadpool/X-Force mini-series for Marvel written by Duane Swierczynski. I had completed the entire first issue and penciled the second issue when I left the project due to some funky business reasons. The story was set during my original X-Force era with Fabian Nicieza. The original X-Force line-up discovered that Deadpool had stolen a time machine and gone back in time to wreak havoc. The first issue found them … [Read more...]

2012 The Year In Comics pt. 1


So the year that was 2012 is drawing to a close. What a crazy year it has been in the world of comics. It was the year that saw Image Comics surge and rise to its former glory with the launch of bold new series, SAGA, HAPPY, HELL YEAH, REVIVAL and FATALE. The blockbuster series WALKING DEAD continued to climb all the way to the top of the charts and not look back. New voices like Joe Keatinge and Brandon Graham broke fresh ground with their … [Read more...]